Design and install Chillers and Chilled water system
  • Energy efficient Air-cooled, water Screw chillers of suitable Tonnage as per design requirement, using environment friendly refrigerant (Non CFC), suitable for outdoor installation with weatherproof enclosure.
  • The total load to be catered by multiple chillers. Each chiller preferably to have multiple compressors of equal tonnage capacity.
  • 50% standby (Redundancy factor) shall be considered for chillers during design
  • Chiller OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will provide local trained personnel in India, in case of imported chillers.
  Air Handling Units (AHU's) & Makeup Air Units (MAU's)
  • Work out the no. of AHU's & MAU's required as per proposed facility design and layout.
  • AHU's to be horizontal draw through type.
  • AHU' panels to be double skin having minimum thickness of 50mm and PUF infill. To be fabricated from 20 SWG/22 SWG galvanized zinc sheet, inside plain and outside coated with epoxy.
  • Framework of AHU's to be of extruded sections with thermal break bolted together. All panels to be detachable or hinged. Complete casing to have earthing connections at two ends.
  • Blower & motor assembly as per proposed design requirements.
  • Motorized fire dampers to be installed to isolate different fire rated areas connected by ducts from fire-affected areas
  • Cooling coils to be factory tested and vendor to provide test certificates.
  • Special drives (VFD/VSD) to be provided for all motors to be provided to match the loads and adjust frequency/voltage and operate motors in an efficient manner.
  • All AHU enclosures to be designed for sound levels less than 60 decibels and vibration free.
  Chilled water pumps and pipeline
  • Pumps to be Horizontal end suction/back pull out type water pump sets with bronze Impellers and mechanical seals for chilled water re-circulation complete with TEFC squirrel cage motor of adequate rating, coupling, base plate, anti-vibration pads etc.
  • Number of pumps to be designed with adequacy for standby.
  • Chilled water pipe line to have required Balancing valves with flow measuring devices, pressure gauges with required isolation Valves/filters/strainer/pressure gauges etc.
  • Pressurization units to be considered for making up the water in the line and maintaining required design pressure.
Complete chilled water lines to be duly insulated using approved insulation material and  to be duly cladded with aluminium sheet.
  Air distribution system
  • Ducting to be of cold rolled, cold annealed (CRCA) sheets of 20-24 gauge continuously galvanized.
  • Fabrication of ducts to be as per SMACNA standard with gaskets, bend/elbows.
  • Ducts shall be cladded with aluminium sheets including those exposed to the ambient.
  • Ducts to be vibration free
  • Grills and diffusers to be fabricated out of aluminium extruded material.
Supply and return air diffusers to be provided with face-operated volume control dampers.
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