Our Mission Labs For Life

Here at Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., we see ourselves as part of something bigger. Today’s dynamic world demands modern fuels, plastics, chemicals, and medicines. Our mission is to create an environment that brings out the best in these laboratory processes. Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. laboratory solutions: making what you do better.

We manufacture our laboratory components ourselves with a manufacturing penetration which is unusual in the industry. This allows us to dictate our quality level and to create special solutions faster.

Rigorous quality management combined with the extraordinary commitment of all our employees will guarantee a customer-oriented style of partnership even in the future – with Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd.

Company has kept very high focus on after sales service by prompt response to technical quarries & need of customers with the help of technical team. Technical staff is constantly assess & updated with training  procedures to cope up with all new technology. Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. has always ensure shorter delivery periods and flexible manufacturing needs.

Quality is vital throughout Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. basic policy structure, especially as the company supplies such high performance products to demanding lab environments. All fume hood models are factory tested and again tested on site to satisfy all international norms. It is highly advisable for all leading chemical & pharmaceutical companies, universities and research centers to have chosen Innovative fume hood  & furniture for their critical requirements.

And last but not the least, we welcome our customers for valuable suggestions to develop their products with their technical specifications & suggestions, as your safety matter us the most.

We offer our experience performing any project suited to their specific needs lab furniture design, laboratory hood, laboratory interior design, Design furniture and lab systems by our pharma project consultant.

Innovative offers support for all product and services by Phone, Fax or online at  it is our goal to answer your questions in a timely manner in reference to product, warranties, Design Services, Testing Services, specifications, Engineering, software, Contracting, and health & Safety.

Company History

Founded in 2008, Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. entered the laboratory industry with a vision of a new world: those modern comforts were no longer luxuries for the select few but rather could be available to all. Since then, we have developed in parallel with these modern industries, modernizing our techniques and growing in the process. At Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., we see our history as part of the future.

Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. Follows Standards

Constantly raising our standards, Innovative pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. Follows Standards of ASHRAE-110 & SEFA 8.in creating humane, safe, and effective laboratory environments. By joining other industry leaders, we hope to further improve our world-class products and services to better serve our clients.